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Available in the iTunes app store



Available free in the iTunes app store


Waveboard is an iPad app for creating musical instruments. Wire together touch pads, keyboards, oscillators, sensors, sliders, switches, speakers and more to build a synthesizer exactly the way you want it. Or choose from a wide selection of built-in instruments, from ballpark organs to spaced-out synth pads. Then mix and match components and rewire until you get the sound you crave. Waveboard is fully customizable and infinitely reconfigurable.

All components in Waveboard are polyphonic, so you can play touch pads and keyboards with up to five fingers automatically. Components are high-level, so you can build a unique and funky instrument with just a few parts.

Explore built-in instruments and build your own.

Explore built-in instruments and build your own.

Waveboard 1.4 is available in the app store for $0.99, and Waveboard Basic is free.

For in-depth information and support, take a look at the manual. To suggest improvements or additions to Waveboard, contact lukebradfordapps@gmail.com.

Wild sounds.

Building an instrument from the ground up means you’re as close to the music as you can get. To get an idea of the versatility Waveboard allows, explore a diverse library of built-in instruments whose sounds range from smooth to harsh, clean to funky, bright to dark, and everything in between. Customizable components allow you to tweak instruments to get what you want or trash it all and start from scratch.

Record songs to play and solo over later.

Record songs to play and solo over later.

Infinite possibilities.

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Build a cool new instrument with just a few parts.

Waveboard has a wide selection of components to build with, each with its own internal settings, so you’ll never run out of ways to create. There are no restrictions on how components can be connected. Multiply a drum kit by a sawtooth wave. Control a delay with the iPad’s microphone. Have a touch pad control pitch and a keyboard control distortion, and a sequencer to keep everything moving to the beat. Waveboard is designed to be as open-ended as possible.

Funky jams.

Waveboard lets you record songs to upload to your computer or to play and solo with later. Record a beat and then play it back while you shred on a solo with any instrument. You can also upload instruments to share with your friends. By setting your instruments to the same tempo and key, it’s easy to rock out together. Let the jamming begin.